Thunderbird — auto reply

Using Thunderbird for a long time, I’ve never pay attention to the auto reply, it seems no use for me in the daily use, but when you absent your office for a period and someone try to find, what a pity, he/she has to wait your come back.

So I found some information and try it by myself, it do works:

1. Creation a new template

Like create other messages, just click “write” in the tool bar, fill your message subject and the text you want to show the ones who send you mails.

Click “Save“, and “template”. So the first step finish.

2. Add message filter

Go to “Tools“, and then “Message Filters“, click “New” to add a new filter.

Give a name to your filter, and choose the option “Match all messages“. In the filed below, “Preform these actions:“, in the first drop-down list, choose “Reply with template“, and in the second, choose the template that you have just created.

Click “OK”.

In the next page, you can see the filter that you have just created. Here you can choose which folder to apply your filter, of course, for me I will choose Inbox, if you have other ideas, feel free to change it~

If you use Thunderbird, hesitate what ? Just do it!!


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