[JS practice] Square Sum (平方求和)

Title :
Square Sum (对数组中每个元素求平方,然后求和)

Description :
Complete the squareSum method so that it squares each number passed into it and then sums the results together.


For example:
squareSum([1,2, 2]); // should return 9

My Solution :

function squareSum(numbers){
  var sum = 0;
    sum = Math.pow(n, 2); // n power 2 == n * n
  return sum;

Other Solution :

function squareSum(numbers){
  return numbers.map(square).reduce(sum);

function square(number) {
  return number * number;

function sum(firstNumber, secondNumber) {
  return firstNumber + secondNumber;

Ref. from codewars


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