[PHP] Configuration php.ini

As I said in my blog, it is just a place to remind me the technology that I used everyday, there will be nothing so profound but useful in daily work.

This blog will present a simple schema for the configuration of the php.ini. There are several php.ini after installed php, it is very easy to be confused.

Screenshot from 2014-06-05 17:56:10

Both apache2 and cli(command line) folder will have their own php.ini separately. So if one is changed, the other will be affected.

The php.ini in conf.d is shared both by apache2 and by the command line. Sometimes we can find a cgi(commun gateway interface) folder in /etc/php5 which allows web server to invoke the php interpreter as cgi program, the config will be the same.

Et au final, un grand remercie à mon collègue Thierry Midy 🙂


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