[JS Practice] Christmas day

Title :

Christmas day


Sometimes it’s useful to know on which day of week the holly holiday will occur.
But just don’t limit ourselves to this year and write a function which consumes a Christmas date and outputs a name of weekday.


findOutChristmasWeekday('2013 12 25') // returns 'Wednesday'

Only valid Christmas dates will be passed to the function.

Date parameter could be a string or a Date object. If it’s a string here are possible date parameter formats:

'2013 12 25'
'12 25 2013'
'25 December 2013'

Note: calendar used in the kata is Gregorian.

My solution :

function findOutChristmasWeekday(date) {
  var d = new Date(date);
  var week;
  switch(d.getDay()) {
    case 0 :
      week = "Sunday";break;
    case 1 :
      week = "Monday";break;
    case 2 :
      week = "Tuesday";break;
    case 3 :
      week = "Wednesday";break;
    case 4 :
      week = "Thursday";break;
    case 5 :
      week = "Friday";break;
    case 6 :
      week = "Saturday";break;
  return week;

Best solution :

function findOutChristmasWeekday(date) {
  var day = new Date(date).getDay();
  return ["Sunday","Monday","Tuesday","Wednesday","Thursday","Friday","Saturday"][day]

Ref. from codewars


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