[PHPUnit] Manage timeout

PHPUnit : Manage timeout

Background : When I lanch a phpunit test, it displayed an error :

PHP_Invoker_TimeoutException: Execution aborted after 1 second

Solution :

1. Modify the time wanted in phpunit configuration file : phpunit.xml :

 // other codes

So here, in this code, the time for the different tests will be 1 second, 5 seconds and 10 seconds.

2. Modify the comment of test(like annotation in java)

For small test (by default):

 * @small 
public function testNameOfSmallTest() {
     // Your test code

For medium test :

 * @medium
public function testNameOfMediumTest() {
    // Your test code

For large test :

 * @large
public function testNameOfLargeTest() {
   // Your test code

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