The Architecture of Open Source Applications

An awesome place to understand the architecture of the open source applications.

Here is the link :

Reblog the “screenshot” of the 2 great lists :

Introduction Amy Brown and Greg Wilson
1. Scalable Web Architecture and Distributed Systems Kate Matsudaira
2. Firefox Release Engineering Chris AtLee,
Lukas Blakk,
John O’Duinn, and
Armen Zambrano Gasparnian
3. FreeRTOS Christopher Svec
4. GDB Stan Shebs
5. The Glasgow Haskell Compiler Simon Marlow and
Simon Peyton-Jones
6. Git Susan Potter
7. GPSD Eric Raymond
8. The Dynamic Language Runtime and the Iron Languages Jeff Hardy
9. ITK Luis Ibanez and
Brad King
10. GNU Mailman Barry Warsaw
11. matplotlib John Hunter and
Michael Droettboom
12. MediaWiki Sumana Harihareswara and
Guillaume Paumier
13. Moodle Tim Hunt
14. nginx Andrey Alexeev
15. Open MPI Jeff Squyres
16. OSCAR Jennifer Ruttan
17. Processing.js Mike Kamermans
18. Puppet Luke Kanies
19. PyPy Benjamin Peterson
20. SQLAlchemy Michael Bayer
21. Twisted Jessica McKellar
22. Yesod Michael Snoyman
23. Yocto Elizabeth Flanagan
24. ZeroMQ Martin Sústrik


Introduction Amy Brown and Greg Wilson
1. Asterisk Russell Bryant
2. Audacity James Crook
3. The Bourne-Again Shell Chet Ramey
4. Berkeley DB Margo Seltzer and Keith Bostic
5. CMake Bill Hoffman and Kenneth Martin
6. Eclipse Kim Moir
7. Graphite Chris Davis
8. The Hadoop Distributed File System Robert Chansler, Hairong Kuang, Sanjay Radia, Konstantin Shvachko, and Suresh Srinivas
9. Continuous Integration C. Titus Brown and Rosangela Canino-Koning
10. Jitsi Emil Ivov
11. LLVM Chris Lattner
12. Mercurial Dirkjan Ochtman
13. The NoSQL Ecosystem Adam Marcus
14. Python Packaging Tarek Ziadé
15. Riak and Erlang/OTP Francesco Cesarini, Andy Gross, and Justin Sheehy
16. Selenium WebDriver Simon Stewart
17. Sendmail Eric Allman
18. SnowFlock Roy Bryant and Andrés Lagar-Cavilla
19. SocialCalc Audrey Tang
20. Telepathy Danielle Madeley
21. Thousand Parsec Alan Laudicina and Aaron Mavrinac
22. Violet Cay Horstmann
23. VisTrails Juliana Freire, David Koop, Emanuele Santos, Carlos Scheidegger, Claudio Silva, and Huy T. Vo
24. VTK Berk Geveci and Will Schroeder
25. Battle For Wesnoth Richard Shimooka and David White

Enjoy it !


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