L’enveloppe T/ Letter T

En France, l’enveloppe T est une enveloppe prépayée par une entreprise pour accompagner un courrier de réponse prépayé. Elle comporte un T noir au niveau de l’emplacement du timbre. Elle fut inventée pour favoriser les réponses puisque l’expéditeur n’aura pas à payer le timbre.

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Ubuntu — shortcuts

Cause there is already someone before me write some articles for my favorite shortcuts, so…but I will record another one 🙂

In chinese, later will be translated into english.

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OpenOffice — Insert blank page

Although Microsoft Office is more powerful, but it costs too much, too much money, too much memory… So I decide to change my life to open office.

As it is a little crude, it is not very easy to find some useful functions like in MS Office.

Return to the subject, how to insert a blank page into somewhere you want?

Simple, just tape “Ctrl + Enter“, two keys we used everyday. And it will separate your paragraph from where your pointer is with a blank page.

C’est amusant ? Enjoy it!

Thunderbird — auto reply

Using Thunderbird for a long time, I’ve never pay attention to the auto reply, it seems no use for me in the daily use, but when you absent your office for a period and someone try to find, what a pity, he/she has to wait your come back.

So I found some information and try it by myself, it do works:

1. Creation a new template

Like create other messages, just click “write” in the tool bar, fill your message subject and the text you want to show the ones who send you mails. Continue reading