[JS practice] Pluck function(读取数组中相同属性的项目)

Title :
Pluck (读取数组中相同属性的项目)


Implement pluck, which takes an array of objects and a property name, and returns an array containing the named property of each object.

我用到了循环,不过似乎还有更简单的方法哦 🙂

For example:

pluck([{a:1}, {a:2}], 'a') // -> [1,2]

If an object is missing the property, you should just leave it as undefined in the output array.

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Javascript – check item in array

  * Code in javascript to check if an item exist in an array
  * @param arr  : array
  * @param item : String
  * @return bool : TRUE(if exit)/FALSE(if not)
inArray = function(arr, item) {
           return (arr.indexOf(item) != -1);