For the configuration of PHP  in eclipse, for others languages do the same things :

Windows -> Preferences -> PHP-> Editor -> Save Actions

Check remove trailing whitespace

eclipse save action

[Eclipse] Remove whitespace when saving


[Proxy Ubuntu] Configration of proxy in Ubuntu 12.04 for eclipse SVN

1. Configration proxy in Ubuntu :

System setting -> Network proxy as diagram below :

Apply your own configration of proxy.

2. Configration proxy for SVN :

Go to ~/.subversion folder, modify the file servers :

Uncomment these lines and add your own configration proxy :

# http-proxy-host=your_host_name
# http-proxy-port=8080
# http-proxy-username=bo
# http-proxy-password=password

Make sure there is no gap on either side of “=” symbol

It will works your proxy.

[PHPUNIT][ECLIPSE] PHPUnit/Autoload.php no such file in eclipse

IDE : eclipse

Error :

Warning: require(PHPUnit/Autoload.php): failed to open stream: 
No such file or directory

Solution :
Locate first your PHPUnit, that is to say, verify whether 
PHPUnit folder is already in /usr/share/php, if yes, take a look at 
the diagram below, in your eclipse, go to Window, then Preference, 
then PHP Include Path, then Libraries, click Add External Source Folder. 
Add /usr/share/php in your Libraries and PHPUnit will work well.
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Eclipse — activer Run/Debug mode

=== Keywords ===
Eclipse Indigo(same for others version of eclipse)
PHP 5.3.5
=== Background ===
Active eclipse Run/Debug mode failed
=== Scene ===
When clicked “Run/Debug”, selected “Run/Debug as”, there was no “PHP Script”, and if we entered into “Run/Debug configurations” interface, in the option “PHP File”, clicked “Browse”, in the pop-up box, there was no project in it.
=== Solution ===
– Right click your project(make sure it is not closed)
– Choose “Configure”
– Choose “Add PHP Support…”
– Redo the steps in Scene, Run/Debug mode will be active
=== Schema ===