[Jekyll] error installing Jekyll

Background : Intall Jekyll.
Jekyll is a free software written in Ruby, it can tranform plein text, I mean sometimes the text can be a feed, into static websites and blogs.
I want to, of course trying with the fresh things, tranform my wordpress blog to a github one, sounds great.

Error :
You know the development does not have the favorable wind all the way, first time I tried it, I got an error. And this error appears not only in Mac, but also in Ubuntu.
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Apache solr 1.4.1 error (Cannot create directory)

When deploying apache solr 1.4.1, if you see the following error, it will be normal, just launch a command in your termal, it will desapear.

That’s because we don’t have permission to write the folder in tomcat.

Command :

# chmod 777  data

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