[ubuntu] WARNING gnome-keyring in lubuntu

If you have met the same problem, this maybe help.

Background :

I installed phpunit in my ubuntu 12.04(the os is lubuntu), the installation passed quite well, but when I launch the command in termianl, I got always this warning :

$ phpunit --version
WARNING: gnome-keyring:: couldn't connect to: /tmp/keyring-xAGrk8/pkcs11: No such file or directory
PHPUnit 4.4.5 by Sebastian Bergmann.

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[Install PHPUnit] Installing PEAR and PHPUnit on WAMP and Windows 7 (no longer maintained from PHPUnit 3.7)

First of all, thanks to @Sebastian Bergmann for reminding and sorry for my careless about this reblog because End of Life for PEAR Installation Method to PHPUnit from github and The package PHPUnit is not maintained anymore and has been superseded. Package has moved to channel pear.phpunit.de, package PHPUnit from pear.php.net.

So this blog should be a reblog of installing PHPUnit(<3.7) in Windows7 from http://thecancerus.com/ and I found it was still useful for understanding the theory of configuration of php(in wamp) and the environment variables.

The newest manual installation of PHPUnit in windows can be found its documentation.

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[Virtualbox] Enlarge a Virtual Disk in VirtualBox(linux) in Windows host

Not enough space in ubuntu virtual box (in Windows host)?

The VBoxManage can solve the problem. The command line will be :

VBoxManage modifyhd “C:\[your_user_path]\VirtualBox VMs\Windows 7\Windows 7.vdi” -- resize 10240

Note. 10240bytes = 10G

Source from : How To Enlarge a Virtual Machine’s Disk in VirtualBox or VMware

And we use GParted to manage these partitions. More easilier.

What to be mentioned is that, if you got your linux-swap blocking, it is better to ready this blog :
Resize a VirtualBox guest Linux VDI Disk under Windows Host

[Tools] Deploy application – build ship and run distributed application – Docker

Let’s imagine this :

18h, Developer has delivered/shipped a tested version of software to production. 2 minutes later, the boss comes.

Boss : hi, the software (that you have shipped) is not working.

Developer (with a big ? on his head) : What ? That’s impossible ! It works in my PC and all tests are green.

Boss (turning around) : find the raison before 19h …

Developer : …

15 minutes later, all tests are still green in local PC. But prod is still red. Developer checks 3 times, the codes are exactly the same. What happens ?

30 minutes later, still at the start point. Developer becomes crazy. Which versions of server I have used ?

Local server version : 1.1.2 / Prod server version : 1.1.1

Does this cause the problem, checking about the release note, ah, yes, a new function added …

The problem solved.

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