[svn] svn works with proxy in ubuntu

Background : svn checkout project under ubuntu using proxy

With natif configuration of svn (which is installed by apt-get), svn checkout return an error :

svn co --username your_username https://your_svn_url/
svn: OPTIONS of 'your_svn_url': Could not resolve hostname ... : Host not found

The solution is to add proxy to the defaut configuration of svn.

Edit : ~/.subversion/servers by adding :

http-proxy-host = your_proxy_host
http-proxy-port = your_proxy_port (3128 or 8080 etc)
http-proxy-username = your_proxy_username
http-proxy-password = your_proxy_password





[SVN] SVN LOG command

SVN LOG command

To get the detail log of svn (for example, with a revision number 12345):

svn log -vqr 12345

argument :
-v [–verbose] : Show more details
-q [–quiet] : Resume the output
-r [–revision] : can be following by a revision number, the date etc

The result will be :

r12345 | your_mail@address.com | 2014-10-31 10:28:31 +0100 (date)
Path modified :
   A /the_path_of_file/your_file
   M /the_path_of_file/your_file


For more info, see wiki.

[SVN] svn list remote repository

To list the repository of remote svn :

svn list your_svn_url --username your_username --password your_password


svn ls your_svn_url --username your_username --password your_password

To see more information :

svn list --verbose your_svn_url --username your_username --password your_password

To display the out in XML :

svn list --xml your_svn_url --username your_username --password your_password

[Proxy Ubuntu] Configration of proxy in Ubuntu 12.04 for eclipse SVN

1. Configration proxy in Ubuntu :

System setting -> Network proxy as diagram below :

Apply your own configration of proxy.

2. Configration proxy for SVN :

Go to ~/.subversion folder, modify the file servers :

Uncomment these lines and add your own configration proxy :

# http-proxy-host=your_host_name
# http-proxy-port=8080
# http-proxy-username=bo
# http-proxy-password=password

Make sure there is no gap on either side of “=” symbol

It will works your proxy.