[MySQL Workbench] Connect to a local VM database

Using MySQL Workbench to connect to a local VM database :

Choose the Connection Method to “Standard TCP/IP over SSH” :

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[Closure Tools] Closure Linter – A JavaScript style checker and fixer

Found a very good and open source tool which is provided by google to check javascript code.

Closure Linter

Find the home page here :


How to install and use it :


What’s important for a javascript developer is :

– The code style


[Tools] [Xpath] XPath Visualizer

XPathVisualizer is a simple, free Winforms tool to help you visualize

the results of XPath queries on XML documents.

—- Comment from its home page

Home page : http://xpathvisualizer.codeplex.com/

Download page : http://xpathvisualizer.codeplex.com/releases/view/76656

What I found it is better that is you can add the prefix as many as possible.

And you don’t need to click Test! each time, it will detect automaticlly.

It will also highlight the result matched.

Bref, I think that it is a good tool, so share with you !