[Tools] Deploy application – build ship and run distributed application – Docker

Let’s imagine this :

18h, Developer has delivered/shipped a tested version of software to production. 2 minutes later, the boss comes.

Boss : hi, the software (that you have shipped) is not working.

Developer (with a big ? on his head) : What ? That’s impossible ! It works in my PC and all tests are green.

Boss (turning around) : find the raison before 19h …

Developer : …

15 minutes later, all tests are still green in local PC. But prod is still red. Developer checks 3 times, the codes are exactly the same. What happens ?

30 minutes later, still at the start point. Developer becomes crazy. Which versions of server I have used ?

Local server version : 1.1.2 / Prod server version : 1.1.1

Does this cause the problem, checking about the release note, ah, yes, a new function added …

The problem solved.

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