Editing hosts file error

Background :

When editing the hosts file in windows7 with notepad++, an error appears “please check if this file is opened in another program”.

Capture of error :

Solution :

Launch notepad++ with role of administrator, and re-open hosts by notepad, it could be saved.
But how could we launch an application(ex. notepad) automaticly by administrator in windows7 ?

Waiting for the answers !


Window7, Tomcat6/Wamp auto start when system boot

Tomcat6 is refused by default by Window7.

If you wanna it launch automaticlly, you have to do like this(my system is in French).

It works for wamp too.

Right click Tomcat icon, choose “Proprities”, and then follow the schema below :

Choose tag “compatibility”, and click “Modify parameter for the other users”

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